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the free hugs campaign [Mar. 18th, 2009|12:29 am]
social liberals


I vaguely recalled seeing the phrase 'free hugs' on a sign or an article of clothing somewhere on television, so recently I put the term into a search engine.

It turns out that there is a widespread 'free hugs campaign', though it is still getting off the ground. It started with one man from Sydney, Australia, who created and wore a 'free hugs' poster and stood around in a public place, offering free hugs to passerbys. After a while, the corrupt police banned him, because he didn't submit to their liability insurance scam. After strong public opposition to this move by the police, the police reversed their decision. Over time, other people imitated this man, and then 'free hugs' got mentioned by a band called 'sick puppies', which made it well-known. It was in 2006 that the free hugs campaign became relatively widespread.

Free hugs is a type of polyamory, which is why I post this here. We can participate in this campaign. The free hugs campaign has a website, where they sell T-shirts that say 'free hugs' in huge capital letters that take up the whole front of the shirt. I have a better idea in mind: Rather than taking a chunk out of one's day and conspicuously loitering with a huge sign on one's chest, one can have the phrase 'free hugs' on one's shirt/sweater/jacket/dress/suit, in comparatively small letters so as not to be too conspicuous, and go about one's usual business. Promoting that method would certainly recruit more people to the cause, since it requires far less ballsiness. There is also the gender factor though. A woman could probably get away with wearing a huge 'free hugs' sign and standing around in public, whereas a man, especially a middle-aged man, would probably get jailed and be accused of being a pervert.