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social_liberals's Journal

social liberals
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This group is for social liberals. A social liberal is a person that opposes the quasi-theocratic requirements of personal lives, requirements that serve to make people show fanatical symbolic dedication.

*are polyamorous / have open relationships, if not in practice then in intent. The point of this is that we do not / would not restrict the freedom of our love partner(s).
*would not / do not circumcise our child(ren). We oppose involuntary circumcision.
*support the right of suicide and assisted suicide
*support the right to use contraceptives, not excluding the 'after morning pill'
*support the right of abortion
*support the right of minors to have an abortion without being forced to have parental consent or parental notification (this is both an abortion rights issue and a youth rights issue)
*support the right to use embryo screening
*oppose the use of the phrase 'IN GOD WE TRUST' (or any similar words) on federal currency
*oppose the censorship of nudity, sex, violence, and 'curse words', especially of the non-vulgar sort (this is in part a youth rights issue, because censorship is largely directed at minors)
*support the right of iconoclastic or 'politically incorrect' free speech (such as that of the danish cartoonist that pissed off many jihadists, and Don Imus's racial slurs)
*oppose laws against unmarried cohabitation
*oppose laws that make adultery a criminal offense
*do not believe that homosexuality is evil
*oppose ridiculously high age-of-consent laws, namely those that are set higher than age 16
*oppose prison terms for drug users
*support the right to buy non-illegal non-antibiotic drugs without a prescription
*support the self-determination of minors in general. Specificly, we oppose the modern slavery-like 'school' system, we support the right of minors to work for a wage without parental permission, we support the right of minors to own real estate, and we oppose laws that require minors to be supervised. We oppose any and all taxes that go to support the aforementioned pseudo-school system.
*oppose laws against truancy (this is redundant with youth rights), loitering, vagrancy, and being outside at night (as in curfew laws)

Social liberals vary on other issues. Some social liberals support unregulated capitalism, others support socialism, and others support regulated capitalism. Some support the unconditional right of gun ownership, others support the complete elimination of guns (including the guns of police), and others support regulations on who may own guns. Some support wars of pre-emptive self-defense and/or liberation (particularly against the jihadists, who attack social liberties), whereas others are pacifists. Some support unrestricted immigration, whereas others support restrictions on immigration (such as on muslims and fundamentalist catholics that oppose social liberties). Some social liberals are atheists, some are agnostics, some are pagans, some are LaVey satanists, and others have other beliefs, but none are fundamentalist abrahamics.

The community owner's long-time libellous stalkers- glossolalia, antipodes, vvvexation, and wight1984, (or any others) are not welcome in this group.